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Axis 3 Action 3.1.1 Sub-Action A Manufacturing Sector
New Goods tight

Stringhetto New Goods

Stringhetto Fabrizio Srl has included some new machinery within the production process, such as:

  1. Multidrop junior touch screen mod. 40 mtr / fl ts, which consists of a dosing machine programmed to allow the production of ladyfingers, cream puffs, biscuits, shortbreads, sponge cake and many other products;
  2. the Pocket 4060 Hi Control Oven;
  3. an automatic vacuum concentration bubble used for the preparation of tomato sauce or other similar products, a conveyor belt and a pasteurization tunnel;
  4. finally, the QBO 120-4 SG 400 / 50HZ machine, equipped with a heating / cooling management system.

The innovative character that characterizes the production process is given by three factors such as:

  1. ease of disassembly and washing;
  2. the Polin Touch Computer, which consists of a control panel that can be controlled with a simple touch that allows the management of all the oven functions in an immediate way, allows the display of commands and alarms, as well as allowing the variation of the speed parameters and quantity of air in the chamber;
  3. efficient management of the production process through its automation, entrusted to a PLC with touchscreen interface.

The inclusion of these machinery has allowed the company to improve the qualitative and quantitative level of production and to proceed, at the same time, to a profound diversification of products, intended to broaden the target audience.
Finally, all the machines are managed via a PC on the machine.

The company was able to carry out this project thanks to the support obtained from the POR FESR 2014-2020 for an amount equal to € 79,905.00

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