L’Arena newspaper talks about us!

The Economy section of L’Arena newspaper talks about our history and our specialty: our artisan production of jams!
From the back of his father’s fruit and vegetable shop, Stefano Stringhetto believed in his passion and only at the age of 18 produced his very special jam without adding pectin or other thickeners and without adding sugar.
Available in more than 40 flavours, our jams are handcrafted and are obtained starting from an high quality raw material and adding over 110% fruit. This is the secret which makes our Tuttafrutta irresistibly good. Simple and good ingredients, artisan production and passion are the values that distinguish us, today as in the past.
Over the years, the production has also expanded to include artisan chocolate: from cremini, to truffles, to spreadable creams. Up to a new entry: our special Giardiniera (sweet and sour pickled vegetables).
The passion and commitment have been rewarded by important awards from Gambero Rosso, for the best Strawberry jam of 2020 and by the Compagnia del Cioccolato, for our Cremino al Latte with Whole Hazelnuts, elected Golden Tablet 2023.

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