Valorise a passion

There must be the head, time, skills, patience and many hours of study
to become artisans, craftsmen of sweetness.

Who we are

All started over thirty years ago…

The history of our company is the history of our family. In the beginning there was Fabrizio Stringhetto, a boy grew up thanks to bread and land, full of dreams and projects. At 24 years old he decided that country life is too narrow for him. The family is always his most important value, so in 1983 with his wife Antonella, he has opened a fruit and vegetables wholesale shop.

Meanwhile at Stringhetto’s home, while all family work hard an make many sacrifices, waking up at 3am, the children are born and grow up learning the secrets of the trade that will be part of their lives.

Cristian is committed to carry on what has been the first work of his father; today the historic fruit and vegetable shop in via Lungadige Scrami has more than thirty years and has become, thanks to the passion of Cristian, also a wine bar in which there are numerous selections of fine wines.

Every company, however, must be able to innovate. Innovation comes with the second son of the family, Stefano, who, just eighteen, began to experiment by himself creating a different jam from the usual. Here in 2000 Stringhetto, from a commercial company become a center specialized in handmade jams and chocolate production.

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Notes for consumers

There is a risk: that from the very first taste, you do not have time to spread it on bread because you will not resist the temptation to eat it spoonfuls!

How Tuttafrutta is born

Why Tuttafrutta is so good?

Because we use a few good ingredients such as fruits and fructose.
Its dense and creamy texture is given exclusively by the high percentage of fruit used. To thicken the product, in fact, we do not resort to pectin or other thickeners, but simply we get more fruits. How much? More than 110%.
This means that to produce 1000 g. of jam, we use a minimum of 1100 g. of fruit. In addition, the low temperature and in the absence of air cooking, maintains all the characteristics of fruit: flavor, color, and content of vitamins and minerals.


"I learned all I know thanks to fieldwork and I did not take a day, but ten years and I’m still under study and research."

Stefano Stringhetto


Artisans of sweetness

Craftsmanship constantly requires the human eye attentive to detail, ready to correct the errors of a machine, the man who thinks that to which a simple machine can not think. In craftsmanship man makes the difference. There are no mechanisms or doses given once and for all.
Behind every product there is a deep knowledge of the ingredients used, their behavior and what happens if you try to mix them together.
The craft work and long exposure times, but eventually repays all the extreme quality of the product that comes out.

When everything starts from nature

From the tree to jar

We are a company open to innovation, but we not forget where we came from: the countryside. That’s why, from 2013, we have decided to dedicate to the cultivation of some orchard to complete the chain production. Blackberries, pumpkins, apples and pears, quinces and figs of our jams come from our land that we cultivate personally, following the ancient earth craft by which fathers and sons have become great.

Bulk chocolate

Not only fruit

With jams and spreads we produce a diverse range of bulk chocolate such as chocolate creams, tablets, or the delicious wet white fruits in dark chocolate.

Why our chocolate crazy our customers at the fair?
Because we select high quality raw materials.
We follow every stage of production with great care and love and finally the recipes are the result of a long and careful study.
We never tire of experimenting and invent new things.

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