artisan production of jams and chocolate

Why is Tuttafrutta so good?

Because we use few and good ingredients. That is, fruit and fructose.

To thicken the product we do not resort to pectin or other thickeners, but we simply add more fruit. How much? More than 110%.
This means that to produce 1000g. of jam, we use at least 1100g. of fruit. Furthermore, cooking at low temperatures and in the absence of air keeps all the characteristics of the fruit unaltered.

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there is a risk!

That from the first taste, you will not have time to spread it on bread because you will not have resisted the temptation to taste it by the spoonfuls!

Our products are:

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Why ours
chocolate makes you crazy
our customers?

Because we select raw materials of the highest quality.
Because we follow every phase of the process with extreme care and love.
Because the recipes we create are the result of a long and careful study.
Because we never tire of experimenting and inventing new things.

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But why is cremino so irresistible???

Why is our Cremino so irresistible ???

– Because it is made with high quality ingredients, including the queen of hazelnuts, the Trilobata delle Langhe.

– Because it’s fresh. We produce small batches to bring a product to your tables that is always at its fullest potential: flavor, fragrance, aroma.

– Because it does not contain any type of added oil except that of the hazelnut itself!

And because our recipe is unique and inimitable!



From tree to jar

We are a company open to innovation, but we will never forget where we came from. That is, from the countryside. This is why in 2013 we decided to dedicate ourselves to the cultivation of some orchards to complete the production chain. The blackberries, pumpkins, apples and pears, quinces and figs of our jams come from lands that we cultivate personally, following that ancient craft of the land, with which fathers and sons have grown up.

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the first steps

1983 – The history of Stringhetto coincides with the story of a family, of a father, Fabrizio, a boy who grew up in the countryside in close contact with the land. A boy who soon becomes a man by creating a company that deals with the retail and wholesale of fruit and vegetables from scratch. These are years of construction, of hard work, of alarm clocks that go off at three in the morning. The years pass and Fabrizio, alongside Antonella, who has meanwhile become a wife and irreplaceable workmate, makes the business dream grow and with it his children are born and grow up.


family business

It will be one of them, Stefano, who will be the engine of change in this company that from a commercial company is transformed into a production center. Stefano is just 18 years old when in 2000, as a self-taught, he tries his hand at the production of the first jams. The study, application and perseverance will lead him to develop a line of fruit-based preparations that are unique in their kind because they are made without added pectin or thickeners.


Fruit and... Chocolate

The desire to develop and grow is part of the essence of this company which in 2006 enriched its offer by engaging in the production of Chocolate Spreads, Cremini and Truffles available in different flavors and formats, always with a focus on quality. Quality that is soon recognized and rewarded. In 2020 Gambero Rosso rewards Tuttafrutta di Fragola considering it the best in the category in the context of a blind tasting panel. Even the cremino receives important awards, winning the Golden Tablet Award in 2022 and 2023, awarded by the prestigious Compagnia del Cioccolato.



The desire to get in touch with our customers has prompted us to open brand stores in Bologna in one of the most prestigious corners of the city, Piazza Maggiore at the corner with Via Orefici.



2022 has been a year of big changes. The dream of a new headquarters has come true.

We are now located in the industrial area of ​​S. Pietro di Legnago in the province of Verona in a covered area 3000 square meters.

A space where we can create and refine our production techniques and where we can imagine new goals and new challenges for the future.

A space where beauty, craftsmanship and technology meet to create one-of-a-kind products.

For a few months, next to the production area, we have also opened our shop where every day we like to welcome customers into our world, spoiling them and making them taste our many delicacies. Impossible to resist!


Artisans of sweetness

Behind each product there is a deep knowledge of the ingredients used, their behaviors and what happens if you try to mix them together. The craftsmanship takes long times and poses, but in the end it pays off all the extreme goodness of the product that comes out.